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Gain More Time And Talent With Powerful Interview Software And Applicant Tracking System Without Paying A Single Penny

Dear HR Friend,

No process may have as much impact on business success as hiring. So why are most of the interviewing and applicant tracking systems still manual and inefficient?

Just image, how many top candidates may be missed due to uncategorise, unorganised, and error-prone methods. But for sure there is a smarter way and that too it’s absolutely FREE!

ADNAC Business Solutions LLP® gives your recruiting and applicant tracking efforts the power and reach you deserve, helping automate tasks so you can dedicate your time doing business and increase your bottom line. This system will:

Simplify Key Tasks and Improve Communication

Standardize processes for job postings, interview scheduling, and hiring workflows for more efficient, consistent results, and communicate clearly with applicants and hiring managers throughout the process.

Potentially Lower your Cost per Hire

The efficiencies you will gain through paperless automation – and a process designed to help improve accuracy and time savings for HR and applicants alike – could save you more with each hire.

Let Applicants Apply How and When they Want

Applicant self-service enables job seekers to submit applications anytime through a mobile phone or from their desktop. Rather than call you about the status of their application, they can simply login to the system.


An Interviewing & Applicant Tracking System

With iFAST you can quickly identify vacancies, promptly source and screen applicants, then effortlessly place and digitally onboard them through a fully integrated applicant tracking system. This is what you will get in iFAST

Job Requests

Administer job requests in a systematic flow

Job Posts

Publish your job posts with a single click


Search, screen, and select candidates easily

Accurate Resume

Capture the most accurate resumes

Short Listing

No hassle, one click short listing process


Schedule interview with applicant with a single click


Onboard easier with a fully electronic process


Enhance data security with cloud server

“This is better than any other job portal, genuine requiremenets, quick interview line ups , quick placement. Thank You iFast.”

Jignesh Mistry - Businessman

“We are regular users of Nuakris & monsters since years, and iFAST was a free portal with so much features can't believe the ease of recruitment , have to try it once to believe it.”

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Hire Top Talent And Make A Strong First Impression

The quality and character of the people you hire will help determine the direction your organisation will take for years to come. That’s why we work hard to ensure you have the right hiring solutions in place to help make your process as efficient and effective as possible.

The hiring services and technology built into iFAST can help you recruit the best fit and hard-to-find candidates, uncover important information about potential employees, and take some of the stress out of welcoming new hires.