My Life is a Traffic Jam!

Traffic can create sufficient chaos and stress in our life. At times we fight it driving into every gap taking advantage of the faster moving line. We almost always curse a bit if a  careful driver doesnt cover the same gaps, curse the government for the potholes , and of course abuse the country which couldnt discipline civic sense in its citizens.

You may cover a lot of work on the phone but if its a moving line you wouldnt want to take your eyes off the gaps.

Assumptions run in lightening speed if you are stuck on the road for an extremely long time.

After all the fight energy externally is finished we begin accepting the path of no convenient choices available except
Option 1) follow the path till it chooses to clear ,
Option 2) abandon your car and walk to your destination,
Option 3) Get out of the Car and find the issue and do something about it.

I highly regard the 3rd category of people who actually get out of their cars , listen to other peoples abuses and then work for the general good, Super Genteel Humanitarians , I do appreciate.

Ive noticed my inherent nature is category 2 , easy way out , not my way then the highway, and I find an increasing generation built on this feeling.

If you’ve become the Buddha then of course you belong to category 1 – which is another type of Genteel Humans who actually let things flow with acceptance and believe that things do work out once you have acceptance of the facts that yes there is traffic, yes there is no way out right now, I have enough petrol in my car and coolant in my mind, and powerful brakes for my bladder to wait through this traffic.


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There could be an Option 4 – Incase you have a powerful SUV or a Truck , bang all cars till you get the clear road ahead but thats like a suicide, not recommended at all and of course a temporary sadistic self – pleasure with direct road to LifeLong Jail.

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