Daring to Care

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, is there an extra moment to spare towards caring? Don’t worry this isn’t a piece to take you on a guilt trip of not caring for your elders or children.

Whenever I travel, I find every 2nd person busy on the phone, watching something, talking to someone or listening to music, even while driving one finds a lone driver talking aloud, myself included. At times when I’m waiting for someone I prefer to look busy on my phone rather than look around at the people and place.

Everyone is busy doing something of their immediate need or fulfilling some purpose, but have you thought at whose priority or at what expense, at times we don’t look up from our phones as we are so engrossed in the content or the music and a conversation as well.

We are so absorbed that we have no time to stop and care for our eyes, our posture, our brain, the general space around us, at times our safety, even the general mood around, the beauty of things around us, the nature that helpfully exists, the people passing by in their own thoughts, the memories of few spaces that help pop a smile, few posters which remind of the time gone by, and there’s so much more to see, to observe and become aware of… if only we dared to care.

Why is it a dare to choose to care? Basically we are dwelling in fear at most times, fear of what people will think? Is this the right way to look? What if the girl im staring at just comes and shouts at me, fear of giving an impression that I have a lot of time in hand, fear of observing something I don’t want to be a part of.

Check today if you care naturally for yourself or you have to dare to care.

This Blog is from an Organization ADNAC, who dares to care, welcome to our website and our many portals dedicated to care and enhance learning , productivity and growth.




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