Comfortably “UnComfortable”

At my 40’s I look back and find that I’ve had a good run in my professional life, still today i received this Memo “Leave your Comfort Zone Now” , it was an ultimatum and a helpless blast to be unstuck.

Unstuck from old thought patterns, assumptions, judgements , previous experiences, basically history of my life.

My initial reaction was rage , a pile of my dusty past came up where everytime this particular movement occured I always got angry and asked ” Why Me? Why Now? Why This? Why can’t things just be sane and happier for a little while longer….Again !!!! …so on and so forth” .

I thought I had been there done that , so now nothing erratic could ever happen at least not in my professional sphere of life. But it did and I went back to my pattern of asking the Why questions , you see i hadnt learnt that the major change towards my personality would have been NOT to ask WHY but to ask HOW.

The consequence of asking WHY? led to getting excuses and blaming rand people and situations leading to more anger and lots of attitude and egobursts, which in the end led to losing out on friends, peace of mind as well as reputation. So many years and events gone by and still nothing has changed, im still aggrevated and stubbornly focusing on WHY never the HOW.

When this Memo came , I asked HOW i could get to this , and then i saw FEARS , coming up to the new, unknown and to the unthought of..seriously in this age of changing technology , which im unable to participate in because of my FEAR of not being able to cope or understand and ending up as a failure, what a HUGE CHALLENGE LIVING NOW IS.

I immediately envy my parents and their time line where they got by so well or maybe i just grew old with them. I couldnt separate myself from the way they coped in life, surely they too had uncomfortable situations and decisions to make all the time. Were they luckier than me or were they smarter, i dont know, but i know this , they never gave up and are ready to learn even today ( at least one of them is).

Isnt it the exact way I got through schools, colleges, hostile situations, also…there was never fear while growing up. But once you’ve grown ,  assuming im grown enough, i dont know from when i started fearing , and when i began fearing change i became rigid and comfortable, just like my body and bones.

So whatever i was afraid of has anyways come true today – FAILURE so i wasted a lot of years running away from something i had already manifested.  So I ask now HOW can i change this? And i shift my FOCUS on all aspects of my answers WITHOUT FEARS , and options come up so do oppurtunities and ultimately im told Success.

So my new Mantra – Get comfortable in what makes you Uncomfortable as there is no other option or easy way out. Face it as the COmFORT is our BIGGEST addiction and creates fear to better stuff around us aready. Im changing my thought process hope you can change yours.

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Or wait for YOUR MEMO.





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