An “Untiring” Mr.Borse

Smiling Mr.Borse

I’m a digitally spoilt citizen for convenience and I love using most of the apps made for my needs. Yesterday I ordered as usual something for dinner and this time I had a surprising experience and thought I should mention.

At the time of delivery I met Mr.Borse a happy go lucky and smiling delivery man who was extremely professional whilst delivering my order and even had the courtesy to say “Good Evening Sir, here is your order for the day”, in a short conversation I got to know that Mr.Borse was working as a delivery executive on part time basis in the evening’s while he was in a full time day time job at an extremely reputed organization with a good designation too.

He was energetic and motivated while doing both jobs, and my HR mind got the better of me and checked how he was able to perform efficiently at both jobs each and every day and of course maintain a work-life balance. To which he said, all worked out well for him with God’s grace and family needs demanded he had a higher paying job, which was uncertain in his current company, so he had to do what he had to do.

I asked him to download a recently launched ifast app from his phone, and upload his profile and select the organizations which he wanted to work with and he was very grateful and left promising to it, of course he checked with me if the companies seeking for candidates were genuine or not , and I said there’s really no harm to just try it and see what happens.

iFast is created with this intention of giving every citizen an open opportunity towards Growth and reaching your Dream Job. If haven’t heard of it yet? Then just download it and put up your cv, give it a few days and wait for a revert , everything takes time but patience always pays well and the best that you deserve comes to you.

Mr.Borse works Hard, now he has the option to work Smart and put all his energies and enthusiasm to excel in one great opportunity.

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